West Coast Contemporary Home Design

Copper Creek West Coast Contemporary Stock PlanWhen you’re building a new home, cost and quality are both top of mind for you. With more than 25 years of experience in modern home design, Michael Dunsmuir has developed a range of affordable home design plans you can buy online. Discover the joy of being able to buy house plans for your project online, without the hassle and expense of getting an architect in to develop it. 

Impressive from All Angles

Our West Coast Contemporary home plans are intended to impress from all angles. A distinctive and stylish architectural design, they contain sophisticated structural components such as vaulted rooflines and large windows. The style includes lots of wooden beams and accents, with timeless and classic exterior elements that flow seamlessly into the home’s interior spaces. 

Harmonious with Nature 

These exciting modern home designs use multifaceted geometric shapes and open-plan layouts, with minimal usage of interior partitions. The extensive use of view-facing glass windows optimizes the region’s mild climate, while large roof overhangs help control the sun in summer and allow for passive warming in winter. Popular exterior finishes such as unpainted or clear-finished wood result in a uniquely harmonious relationship with the surrounding natural environment. 

Full 3D with Imagery

The attractive West Coast Contemporary home plans are comprehensive, full 3D plans with imagery perspectives that include detailed floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other specifics. On receipt of a .dwg file for your site, we will confirm whether your chosen house plan will fit on the lot. 

Best Value for Money

When you buy house plans created by Step One, you’re getting the very best value for money. All our plans can typically be made compliant with at least Step 3 of BC’s Step Code and meet the province’s energy-efficiency requirements – just ask us. Step One will add to or edit any site plan to meet municipal zoning requirements. 

What’s Available

All house plans have available the option of:
  • A printable PDF of the entire set of plans
  • CAD version of entire set of plans
  • Right reading reverse – flipped view
  • Customized to site plan (contact)
  • Multiple lot building license and copyright release.
  • Electrical and engineering design coordination with industry partners.
Preview our West Coast Contemporary home plans and determine whether this is the right style for your project.

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