Mid-Century Modern House Design

Building a new home is an exciting project and one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Price and quality are both important issues for new home builders, and few people understand this as well as Michael Dunsmuir does. With his 25 years of experience in modern house design, Michael has made it possible to buy house plans online, without the inconvenience and cost of contracting an architect to create them. 

Simplicity and Functionality

Mid-Century Modern home design originated with Bauhaus architects and designers who emigrated from Germany to North America after the second World War started. Characterized by simplicity and functionality, this style evolved in response to the economic changes caused by war. Homeowners demanded new, quickly-built, modern homes, filled with new textures and colors born out of the technological advances at the time. 

Clean Lines and Minimal Fuss

The main features of the Mid-Century Modern house design are a classic look and feel, with clean lines and minimal fuss. Form follows function, ensuring maximum purpose in every area of the home. Ornamentation is reduced, and includes a focus on non-traditional, contrasting materials with uncluttered, sleek lines and geometric shapes. 

Get 3D Blueprints with Images

Our appealing Mid-Century Modern home plans come with comprehensive, full 3D blueprints and imagery perspectives that include detailed floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other particulars. On receipt of a .dwg file for your site, we will confirm whether your chosen house plan will fit on the lot. 

Assured Value for Money

When you buy house plans online from Step One for your Mid-Century Modern home, you’re assured of receiving top value for your money. All our plans can typically be made compliant with at least Step 3 of BC’s Step Code and meet the province’s energy-efficiency requirements – just ask us. Step One will add to or edit any site plan to meet municipal zoning requirements. 

What’s Available

All house plans can include:
  • A printable PDF of the entire set of plans
  • CAD version of entire set of plans
  • Right reading reverse – flipped view
  • Customized to site plan (contact)
  • Multiple lot building license and copyright release.
  • Electrical and engineering design coordination with industry partners.

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