Arts and Crafts House Design

Building a new home is a significant investment for any homeowner and one that is filled with possibilities. Choosing an Arts and Crafts house design is exciting, but it doesn’t need to set you back thousands for the plans. Michael Dunsmuir of Step One Design has 25 years of experience in modern home design, and you can benefit from his expertise by buying house plans online for your new home building project.

A Return to Craftsmanship

The Arts and Crafts house design movement began in Britain in the late 1800s. The ornate opulence of the Victorian period, paired with the industrialization of the age, inspired William Morris, artist, poet, and social reformer, to support a return to simplicity and hand-hewn, good craftsmanship and design.

The style features exposed beams, rafters and rafter ends, dormer windows, sloping rock foundations, wood and stone exteriors with large porches, and lots of wood grain and built-in cabinetry. Click here to view an award-winning Arts and Crafts home designed by Step One.

Connected to the Natural Environment

Buying floor plans online for this home design style allows you to choose from several different subtypes, such as :

  • Prairie School – homes that connect with their natural environment, influenced by long, straight horizons and flat lines on the prairie.
  • California Mission – this home style was based on simple adobe mission churches, and emphasized the use of hand-hewn natural wood.
  • Bungalow Style – this design was the forerunner of the modern Ranch home, with a horizontal layout, a functional kitchen, and a hearth at the centre of the house.

This style also resulted in the birth of the typical American Foursquare, a practical, cubic 2 ½ storey modern home design tailored for small urban lots with four rooms to a floor and a large front porch.

High-Quality 3D House Plans

Our custom Arts and Crafts house design comes with comprehensive, full 3D plans that include imagery perspectives such as detailed floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other specifics. On receipt of a .dwg file for your site, we will confirm whether your chosen house plan will fit on the lot.

Buy the Right Plans Online

Our Arts and Crafts home designs can typically be made compliant with at least Step 3 of BC’s Step Code and meet the province’s energy-efficiency requirements. Maximize your budget for a new home construction project by choosing affordable modern home design plans developed by Step One. What’s more, our experts will add to or edit any site plan you buy to meet your specific municipal zoning requirements.

What’s Available

All Arts and Crafts house designs can include:

  • A printable PDF of the entire set of plans
  • CAD version of the complete plans
  • Right reading reverse – flipped view
  • Customized to the site plan (contact)
  • Multiple lot building license and copyright release.

We also offer electrical and engineering design coordination with industry partners for an additional fee.

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